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De Vooruitgang has been open on the Markt in Eindhoven for the last 30 years. So it’s easy to find. With a big parking garage (De Heuvel) almost literally under us and at walking distance from Central Station (to the right of Primark, stroll down the Hermanus Boexstraat until you reach the Markt – you’ll find De Vooruitgang to your left) and all the other night life

Van café naar feniks

From café to phoenix
It is one of the few buildings that has been spared on the Markt in Eindhoven and for almost 30 years it has been home to De Vooruitgang: Markt 11. The 100-year-old property was first home to the De Block family, famous for their cigar factory Mignot & De Block. In 1934, the dance instructor Jo Snep purchased the property for HFL 35,000 and opened his legendary dance studio. Things did not end well for Jo. During the Second World War, he was arrested for his sympathy for England during the First World War. Jo was executed and his widow had to pay the costs of his execution, being 2000 German Marks. After Snep, a whole list including J.M Staals, Dancing Carlton, Carlton, Café Vox, Dubrovnik, Babouche, Wienerwald, Tirolerhof and Sirtaki opened and closed the doors. Until 22 years ago, De Vooruitgang opened a city café and in 2015, as a phoenix, it rose from its ashes. Always look forward.